The Wind Controversy Is Mostly a PR Matter

Posted on Sat 12/04/2010 by


Special Energy Newsletter

Here is another special edition newsletter, that covers just three items —

As you know, in my view this wind controversy is largely a PR matter. As such it is critically important to win over other citizens. We simply have no chance without a modicum of public support! Toward that end I am sending you two new contributions:

1 – A short animated video I just finished today. It is still in it’s draft form but I thought you’d like to see it. I’m sure that there are people out there that are more artistically creative that could come up with an even better video — so please do! (<<>>). If I get motivated (and have the time) I might create part 2 of the story: that one showing Jane at the town board meeting, using some of the material from the next item.

2 – I wrote “What Not To Say” (a play on the TV program) to give citizens some guidance on what TO say when having an opportunity to speak in front of their town, county, state, or federal representatives. This is still the draft version, so if you have any good suggestions, feel free to forward them.  (<<>>).

3 – Lastly, I’ve gotten many requests for information about the effects on home values due to nearby wind projects. Since there is a lot of information out there, and I think that this is an important area, I’ve created an addendum page to my website to list some of the better articles: <<>>. Please send any good real estate related studies to me, and I’ll add them.

I was dismayed to see the blatant bias in the National Association of Realtor’s web page on home values and wind energy: <<>>. I wrote to them, complaining. The end result was that they said that they would add a link to my new page. That’s a slight improvement.

So please pass on all of these items to anyone that might benefit from them.

john droz, jr.
physicist & environmental advocate