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From Guest Contributor Savannah

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Hey everyone! I’m Savannah. My Poppy writes stuff here, and he asked me if I’d like to add something.

So, I thought I’d say something about my favorite TV show Glee!

The reason why I like/love Glee so much is because there is a lot of singing in it and I love singing .

When I look on you-tube, there are lots of videos showing songs from Glee.

It’s hard to pick just one because they’re all good.

I have the DVD of Season One, and I’m saving up for the second series DVD.

It’s nearly Christmas soon, so maybe Poppy will get the hint.

My favorite people on Glee are Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson.

The reason I picked these songs is because they rock!

At the moment I really like this next song, ‘Marry You’ but I can’t get the full video to show here, so I only have the song.

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