A Rebuttal to “You can touch my Junk”

Posted on Mon 11/22/2010 by


As a result of a video being placed on YouTube from a man who had a bad experience with the bully-boy TSA, there now seems to be a campaign whereby posters are claiming that the new pat down procedures as well as the intimidation of the TSA is so necessary that the travelling public must sit down and shut up.

Yesterday I read an entry here at PA International relating to this very topic – “You can touch my junk”.  I have seen a variation of this same rebuttal, including a YouTube video with the same information. ‘

However, I believe that if you look closely at the statements that most do not hold water.  This is because what is taking place via TSA mishandling of travellers is an unnecessary intrusion upon a travelling public that has no intention of blowing up aircraft or causing mischief.

First of all, let’s look at what can be done, and which the TSA refuses to do – profiling.  This is the preferred method used by Israeli security. It is also used by homicide squad detectives when they seek to solve certain types of crimes. Yet the USA government via the TSA refuses to profile. Pistole has in fact stated “We don’t profile”. Why not?

Second, each time these procedures are introduced it is after the event. What value is there in getting people to remove their shoes, when in fact only one person tried to smuggle a bomb on board an aircraft in his shoes? That attempt was a failure. Do you really think that the Islamists are going to attempt it again? Do you really think that a 7 year old boy will put a bomb in his shoes? This is but one example of procedures.

Third, a lot of the angst against the TSA is due to the fact that the agents are untrained in regard to certain matters. In recent days I have seen story after story about the manner in which TSA agents are approaching their job and how they are throwing around their weight, being rude to travellers, and causing them to break down in tears.  They are not showing any common sense in how they are dealing with the public.

Fourth,  it has now come to light there there is yet another health reason to be up in arms about these pat down procedures, especially when the TSA agents are touching skin.  The real health risk is the possible spread of diseases from person to person because the TSA agents are not changing gloves before patting down each person. This is not about something like the MRSA bug, but it is about other bacteria that lives on the skin, such as yeast.

What is required is a common sense approach to the problem. People should not be singled out for pat down or going through the x-ray machine. The random checks have not caught any would be bombers, and they are truly a waste of time. The metal detectors are a safety necessity. However, what happens when the metal detector goes off? Should the person be pulled aside and rough-handled? I say No. What should happen is that the person should be allowed to show what caused the problem – if it is as simple as a pacifier clip then the common sense approach is to take off the pacifier from the baby and then go through the metal detector again. It is that simple.  There also needs to be a better way of handling disabled people who have knee replacements, colostomy bags, urine bags, an artificial limb and the like. These people should not need to be searched in a most humiliating manner. If TSA will not accept a medical certificate, then TSA needs to introduce a card or something that will put an end to the intimidation and the harassment.

There are quite literally hundreds of stories of people being harassed and manhandled by the TSA. The last one I read almost brought me to tears because the young woman went into a panic attack after the TSA took her infant son away so that he could be examined – all because the baby’s pacifier clip was made of metal.

Al Qaeda have been trying various methods to cause disruption in the USA and in Europe. Each time the USA reacts with even sillier measures it is Al Qaeda that has won. These measures include the restrictions placed upon liquids. That particular plot was discovered before it could be carried out. In other words, the use of intelligence and listening devices worked. However, restricting liquids does not work because no one else is thinking of doing the same thing.  The underwear bomb was a dismal failure, and the bomber ended up with burns in a private area. However, Al Qaeda wins when these new pat down procedures are put in place but the TSA refuses to profile those most likely to want to bring down an aircraft.