Save the planet! Prostitute yourself

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Read this very carefully. In their attempt to lower their emissions of Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas, Germany has passed legislation to construct more Nuclear Power Generating Plants. This legislation now needs the signature of the President of Germany to bring it into law. This married woman has offered to sleep with the married President if he refuses to sign the legislation. Just what is it with Green Activists? We are told that we are living in a more moral and ethical society, and yet Green activists think something like this is okay. No wonder the Green Lobby is shooting itself in the foot, almost at every turn. What do they take us for?…..TonyfromOz.

Charlotte Roche

I’m confused. When a politician is offered sex for his vote, is that prostitution, or attempted corruption?

UNTIL recently, she was best known for her best-seller Wetlands, a frank debut novel about the sex life of an 18-year-old, a novel that has been described as everything from literary eroticism to undiluted pornography.

Now, Charlotte Roche, a 32-year-old German TV presenter, has found further fame after sending an invitation to the German President.

‘I’m offering to go to bed with him if he refuses to sign into law the extension of the country’s nuclear power stations,’’ she told Der Spiegel.

Either way, it’s another insight into the green culture, which seems to attract people who’d trash social values to “save” an inanimate planet.

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