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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Readers in the U.S. may think that because The Greens political party is still in its infancy in the U.S. then this might not apply to them. It is however an insidious creeping movement slowly and inexorably making its way around the Planet, and has its roots in the Environmentalist movement. It is gaining a big foothold here in Australia, and now they actually are in a position where they have enough Members in the Parliament to influence policy, while not having the political worry of actually being responsible for that policy. Their ‘warm and fuzzy’ ‘feel good’ policies in fact hide their real intent. This analysis is from a senior Australian politician, and be aware that where it says at the start ‘Liberal’ this in fact means The Liberal Party of Australia, the major Conservative Party here in Australia, and similar in nearly every respect to The Republicans in the U.S……TonyfromOz.

Liberal frontbencher Kevin Andrews begins his excellent analysis of the Greens’ ideology:

For many years, the Greens have been treated as a political curiosity. They could win a spot or two in the Senate, but they were absent from the real place of political power, the House of Representatives. That has now changed. Not only will they have more senators from July next year, they also have a seat in the House. More significantly, they are in a formal alliance with the minority Labor government nationally and in Tasmania.

Despite the emphasis on the environment, “the Greens are not a single issue party.” Their objective is clear: “to transform politics and bring about Green government.”[ii] The Australian Greens are part of a worldwide movement that is actively engaged in the political process.[iii] As their writings state, this objective involves a radical transformation of the culture that underpins western civilization. As a political party, they should be treated like any other political party and subjected to the same scrutiny.

In order to fully comprehend the Greens’ political ideology, it is necessary to understand the historical roots and foundations of both our own western, liberal democratic culture – and that of the Greens. It this address, I propose to explain the Greens agenda, as set out in their own documents and writings.[iv] The paper has three parts: First, a brief examination of the roots of western culture and the origins of the Greens; secondly, an analysis of the Greens ideology; and thirdly, a discussion of the Greens economic, social and other policies.

Read on for the rest.

The heart of the matter: (TonyfromOz adds here that the emphasis in bold is mine)

There are many descriptions that could be applied to the Greens, but none seems more accurate than Jack Mundey’s own description of “ecological Marxism.” This description sums up the two core beliefs of the Greens. First, the environment or the ecology is to be placed before all else. This is spelt out in the first principle in the Greens Global Charter: “We acknowledge that human beings are part of the natural world and we respect the specific values of all forms of life, including non-human species.” [vi]

Secondly, the Greens are Marxist in their philosophy, and display the same totalitarian tendencies of all previous forms of Marxism when applied as a political movement.  By totalitarian, I mean the subordination of the individual and the impulse to rid society of all elements that, in the eyes of the adherent, mar its perfection.

The conclusion:

What is at stake in the Greens ‘revolution’ is the heart and soul of western civilisation, built on the Judeo-Christian/Enlightenment synthesis that upholds the individual –with obligations and responsibilities to others, but ultimately judged on his or her own conscience and actions – as the possessor of an inherent dignity and inalienable rights. What is also at stake is the economic system that has resulted in the creation of wealth and prosperity for the most people in human history.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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