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Today’s music video is ‘I’m Walking On Sunshine’ from the English band Katrina And The Waves.

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There doesn’t need to be a reason to play a happy song, but somehow, after what happened on Tuesday, a lot of us are indeed a little happier.

Today’s song is the Worldwide smash hit for English band Katrina And The Waves, and if this song specifically doesn’t cheer you up, then no song can.

Katrina And The Waves again fall into that category of having worked in the music business for a few years in a few incarnations before making it into the big time. In 1981, the main lineup started playing gigs and touring locally. In 1983 the band shelled out all their own money to make an album of original material, which they sold at their gigs. The album was shopped around, but no label picked it up. There was some interest from Canada and the album was released there, and this song, on that album with the same name was released there and the song became a minor hit there for the band. They toured Canada, and with a good following wherever they went, further interest was aroused, and the album was finally picked up. Completely remastered, the album was then released with a new title of the band’s name, and, as they say, the rest is history. The song shot up the charts all across the Planet, and even though it didn’t quite get to Number One, everybody must have heard the song at some time or another. The main songwriter was Kimberley Rew, and Katrina Leskanich handled the vocals and played rhythm guitar.

As is sometimes the case, the band kept producing good material, sold albums, did well, but could never quite match that original smash hit. On the back of ‘Walking On Sunshine’, the band was nominated for a Grammy as Best New Talent.

Six further albums followed, and the band performed their own song ‘Love Shine A Light’ as the English Entrant in the huge Eurovision Song Contest in 1997, and the song won that prestigious competition, and in fact is the highest points scoring song in the history of the contest. More Countries compete now than did then, and in 2004, a song gained higher points than this one, but with considerably more Countries now competing, this Katrina And The Waves song remains the highest percentage winner in the contest’s history. On the back of that result, the song was a hit in the UK, and in fact charted higher there than did ‘Walking On Sunshine’.

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