Dems Board Fail Train To Loser Town

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Reporter ScooterBy Scooter Van Neuter

Democratic Fail Train arrives at Losertown station


WASHINGTON (SR) – Across the country, an air of desperation permeates the Democratic party as panicked liberals attempt to bond with conservative voters and distance themselves from Pelosi, Reid, and especially President Obama.

“I was never for Obamacare. The only reason I voted for it was to make Reid think I was on his side, but in reality, I was secretly working to destroy it,” Sen. Barney Frank told a crowd Saturday at an NRA meeting.

Meanwhile at a tractor pull in Los Angelas Sunday, Jerry Brown referred to Obama as a “commie asshat,” and promised if elected governor of California, he would personally fly to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence and “slap the stupid” out of the unpopular, soon-to-be-replaced Speaker of the House.

My comments: This Fail train better be a long one, as it’s obviously going to have a ton of passengers. All aboard, next stop: Loser Town!

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