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Today’s music video is ‘I’m Not In Love’ from English band 10cc.

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As is the case with a lot of people in the Rock fraternity, some of them move from band to band before they finally strike on the right mix. Such is the case here with the members of this band, the English group 10cc. They were around for quite a while before settling into just the 4 main guys who made up the band. Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart came from one background, while Kevin Godley and Lol Creme came from another. They formed this band after three years of actually being together and working on other projects, before deciding to ‘do their own thing’. They finally came together as the band with this name in 1972. Oddly the band’s name comes about from the measure for volume, and in this case 10cc’s is a little more than the average amount of semen released by a male during, well, you get the picture anyway, and this indicates a greater potency than the average.

They released a couple of minor songs but then, in 1973, came the smash hit Rubber Bullets, which was an International ‘monster’ Number One for the band. They had a couple of further hits and toured together.

The four members were blessed with the talent to be able to each play a large variety of instruments, and while the first huge hit featured them in the traditional three guitars and drums with keyboards, they later moved to the odd formation of one guitar and three sets of keyboards, giving them a unique for the time sound.

In 1975, the featured song for today, ‘I’m Not In Love’ became their second huge International Number One hit.

Then, a strange thing happened. Kevin Godley and Lol Creme decided to split from the band and go their own way. Each member was also an accomplished composer in his own right, and while Gouldman and Stewart were more oriented to ‘pop music’, Godley and Creme were experimenting all the time. They wanted to go their own way and produce their own brand of music. Gouldman especially thought this was lunacy, as the band was now huge everywhere, and it seemed as if Godley and Creme were intent on committing musical suicide by leaving such a successful outfit as the band now was.

Gouldman and Stewart being so accomplished stayed on as 10cc, and had a long career to follow as that band, with a further group of successful albums, as well as hit singles. Their next three albums in fact all charted very well, and were all top 5 in the album charts, and there were five singles that also went into the Top 5. One of those was the next featured video, this from 1978, ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ which also included the Reggae sound that was becoming popular at the time.

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Kevin Godley and Lol Creme did not fall into obscurity after leaving such a successful band, and their progressive brand of music saw them have successful albums as well, and a couple of singles that did quite well. They had a minor hit with the wonderful song, ‘An Englishman In New York‘ which showcased their intent to create innovative videos to best add to their songs. This song should not be confused with the 1987 son ‘Englishman In New York‘ performed by Sting, an entirely different song altogether.

This next featured song ‘Cry’ was from 1985, and the TV music video was stunning for the time. This indeed was the real direction that Godley and Creme wanted to move into, and after this, they were sought out by many other artists and bands to make video clips as cutting edge as this one was for the time, and they became one of the first ports of call for singers and bands who wanted cutting edge videos for their songs..

The audio on this track is a little softer than for the other two, as this is the best of the videos available for this groundbreaking song, so you may need to turn up the volume a notch or two to hear it at its best, but really, this sensational video clip is what made this song the hit that it was.

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