Obama Can Do Anything He Wants Because the CIA Has His Back

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Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

The article below is one of the most thoughtful and well crafted presentations on the subject I have ever read.  I believe the information contained in this article provides a dimension necessary for open discussion by all who are in positions of public trust.  The contents also shed light as to why so many in positions of public trust are afraid, and have turned a deaf ear to the subject and refuse to discuss the issue of Mr. Obama’s past.  The assessment contained in this article that Obama’s past is cloaked under National Security provisions thereby making it nearly impossible for anyone to expose the egregious blanks in time and depth of his past and accomplishments is a key as to why Mr. Obama remains such a question and suspect by so very many Americans.  The brutal threats by Mr. Obama’s handlers to any in the media have accomplished their task…no one in the media dares to venture too far into the Obama quagmire for fear of  being unceremoniously  dumped on the spot by their respected organization, and then hounded by governmental agencies employed to enforce the occult-like surroundings of Mr. Obama.  Exposing the darkness surrounding Mr. Brzezinski, the “god-father” of the shadow government and New-World Order warrants applause, but it reinforces the level of power at work to maintain the diabolical wickedness brewing within our country.

Remember Federal District Judge David Carter in southern California?  A former Marine Officer, “tough and honest” he flipped like a dime from declaring “America deserves the truth,” to “America has no standing” in discovering the truth about Obama’s background and Constitutional eligibility to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief.  Judge Carter made this dramatic change AFTER accepting a legal petition on the matter of the Obama eligibility, and scheduling a formal hearing on the matter.  He is not alone…the path is strewn with folks who initially stood but then inexplicitly caved and with stooped shoulders and lowered heads, walked away.

It was my pleasure to meet and work with Miki Booth during our time serving on Pastor Manning’s C.I.A. Columbia University-Obama Sedition Trial Transcript Committee.  This committee, comprised of 12-citizens from across the country, met in New York City to review the transcripts from the People’s trial held in Harlem, New York this past May.  The People’s Trial in accordance with the original Constitution for the united States of America, found Obama guilty on multiple counts of fraud, sedition, conspiracy, and more.  Mr. Obama never attended Columbia University as he claims, and now you can read more below, as well as review the full and complete transcripts from the People’s trial that exposes so much more.  Go to Atlah Ministries.org

The article below is eye-opening and sobering, and will peel away even more of the false front Mr. Obama and his handlers have created.  It is past-time to peel back all of the layers, and expose the fraud that has been perpetrated on America; IT IS A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE.

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Obama Can Do Anything He Wants Because the CIA  Has His Back

by Miki Booth

The evidence is all there for anyone to see if they take the time to look. Zbigniew Brzezinski has “spoon-fed” Obama ever since he took him under his wing from Occidental College in 1980, apprenticed him through his first job in Pakistan and Afghanistan to his second job at Business International Corp. and ultimately, by manufacturing a background, faking his academic credentials and resume’, to the top job in  America.

Brzezinsky was National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981 and a  professor at Columbia University 1960-1989 where he taught at the Institute of Communist Affairs. He’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, trustee of the Trilateral Commission and has attended Bilderberg meetings. He’s still a predominant presence in Obama’s “inner sanctum” and conveniently located near the White House at the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies where he’s Professor of American Foreign Policy.

Obama cannot be questioned about any of this because, “It’s a matter of national security.” No one will talk about the fake birth certificate because, “It’s a matter of national security.” There is no attempt to investigate his stolen social security number, originally issued in CT, because “It’s a matter of national security.”

Word is, the White House Press Corps members will have their credentials yanked if they were to ask Obama about his Oxy or Columbia days, his work at BIC, a well-known CIA front, or his trips to Pakistan. Also on the list of banned questions is the birth certificate, his name Barry Soetero and his Indonesian passport of that name.

All the FOX news folks have gotten the word as to what’s off limits too. Beck can go as far as linking all the players destroying our country but can’t mention the birth certificate. He “busted” Obama’s mother for her involvement with Shore Bank but doesn’t talk about her working for Asia Development Bank in Karachi, Pakistan while living in a 5-star hotel for years laundering money to aid mujahadeen and taliban. Oops, that’s CIA and Pakistan, can’t go there. If you do the FCC will shut you down so fast your head will spin.

Every once in a while, though, Obama really blows it and states a falsehood that sends the CIA into a panicked frenzy to cover his misstatement. As we all know, mistakes are made when you hurriedly try to fix an error. Obama’s error was saying that he signed up for selective service when he graduated from High School. That would be 1979 when there was no draft. The selective service was reinstituted in 1980 and so a record for Obama had to be created. Unfortunately for Obama’s “fixers” creating a record after the fact is a difficult thing to do and faced with time constraints they were forced to settle on a flawed document and probably unwittingly forever linked that document to another fraud, his social security number.

Brzezinski has been there for Obama all along and their secrets have to stay hidden because of national security measures. It’s really sad that America has been hijacked by wicked people like Brzezinski, Soros, Kissinger, the Clintons, Obama and all the godless members of their One World team.

If our country is to survive we only need one brave patriot to break through the CIA’s code of silence into the mainstream and let the treasonous pieces fall where they may.


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