China’s Work On Emissions Indeed Makes Ours Seem Puny

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

In the Australian State of Victoria, The Greens Party is demanding the closure of one of Victoria’s biggest power stations:

Hazelwood Power Station operates on brown coal; the dirtiest coal source on the planet… The best time to close Hazelwood was yesterday but the next best time is today.

The State Labor Government goes a quarter of the way:

The Brumby government is committed to closing one-quarter of the coal power plant by 2014.

Global warming guru Ross Garnaut demands yet more be done. to match China’s efforts:

He said there was also a ‘’striking ignorance’’ in Australia about how much China had accelerated its climate policies over the past year. ‘’We have to do a lot more than we are doing now to just be an average performer compared to other developed countries and China,’’ he said.

Meanwhile reader Ray, reading the China Daily in a visit to Shanghai last week, catches up with China’s latest efforts – which do indeed make us look silly:

TonyfromOz adds…..

24 large scale coal fired power plants, and that’s just the start. Perhaps we all need to be taking the same view as the Chinese.

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