Sunday Music – Old Dogs and Children And Watermelon Wine

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Today’s music video is ‘(Old Dogs, Children And) Watermelon Wine’ from Tom T Hall.

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I have been posting a music video every Sunday now for two years. In that time I’ve only posted four or five songs from the Country and Western genre, one of those the classic ‘Lost Highway’ from Hank Williams, at this link. As I have mentioned I like music from all parts of the music spectrum. I have posted music from the Classical genre, and even one song from Opera. I’m not all that keen on rap music, but I did especially like one of the early songs from that genre that crossed over into mainstream music, and included an extended rap section in that song, the wonderful, and aptly titled song, ‘Rapture’ from 1980, a number One smash hit, featuring the voice of Debbie Harry out the front of the band Blondie, shown at this link. I even like some Techno music and in fact, one of the early albums I purchased was in fact at the dawn of Techno music, that 1974 opus from the German Band Kraftwerk, the album titled ‘Autobahn’, with one whole side of nearly 23 minutes with the band playing the classic title song of this album. A truncated version of nine minutes is shown at this link.

So, the fact that I may not play music from all the genres does not indicate that my tastes are specialised in only limited areas.

When it comes to Country Music, that genre is so extensive and has numerous styles within the genre.

However, when you observe Country music throughout its history, it would have to be one of the earliest forms of music. As all songs are basically poetry set to music. This field of Country music is an early form of story telling as well.

There is just so much good Country music, that it’s difficult to even select 100 good songs let alone narrow it down even further, so today, I’m just playing one song that I really like.

This song today, ‘(Old Dogs, Children, And) Watermelon Wine’ is from 1972, and was a Number One Country song for Tom T Hall. In some Countries, it crossed over into the mainstream charts, and Australia was one of those where it did, and it was a Top Five song on that mainstream chart here in Australia.

It’s from his album, again aptly titled, ‘The Storyteller’, aptly named because Tom has the nickname as The Story Teller, because all his songs tell such wonderful stories. Over the years Tom has had 11 Number One hits in the Country charts and is a prolific songwriter for other artists as well, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Waylon Jennings among that long list.

His earliest Number One was for one of his songs performed by another artist, Jeannie C Riley’s wonderful version of Tom’s ‘ Harper Valley PTA’, which was a huge hit in 1968, crossing over into the Mainstream chart as well, and topping that too. This one song alone sold more than 6 million copies just for Jeannie C Riley alone, and was also covered by many other artists over the years. Riley in fact was the first woman to top both Country and Mainstream charts at the same time with the same song, something not repeated until 1980 when Dolly Parton topped both charts with ‘9 To 5’.

Tom later released this song on one of his ‘best of’ albums, ‘Tom T Hall – The Definitive Collection’. Tom is now 74, and still does the occasional concert. He has won two Grammy Awards, and in 2008, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

There are numerous versions of the Jeannie C Riley song at the You Tube site, but I have selected one of the rarer versions, which shows Riley singing this wonderful Tom T Hall song .

Riley became a born again Christian in the mid/late 70’s and from then on, has only sung Gospel Music, and she has not performed this, her biggest song, ever since that time.

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