The Making Of A United States Marine

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(I respectfully ask that all of you, Republican, Democrat, Tea Partier, whatever, take a 5 minute break from your partisan politics and read the story of just one individual who is a member of a much larger group that makes all of this bickering possible.)


Our daughter graduated from Boot Camp at MCRD Parris Island, and is now a United States Marine.

And I am sitting here trying to recall how all of this came about.

How in the hell did the little girl I used to meet when she got off of the bus from Kindergarten grow up so fast?

My memory of the events that led to Dad’s little girl becoming PFC Holly are a bit clouded, and she is at Camp Geiger going through MCT, so I can’t ask her to square me away if I take a wrong turn.

I’ll take a shot at it anyway.
And in the interest of trying to keep this shorter than War and Peace, I am only going to touch on the high spots.

Holly first brought up the subject of becoming a Marine while she was still in high school.

One day my wife Sue and I heard her doing something in her bedroom, only to discover she was hanging a USMC flag on her wall.

We asked what had brought this on, and she told us that she felt that she should give something back to her country.

Other than advising her to be sure of what she wanted to do, Sue and I did not try and influence her one way or another, simply telling her to be sure that this was what she wanted to do.

She had a few informal talks with a recruiter, however she was involved in a ton of activities at school, working as a counselor at a Girl Scout camp, working an after school job, etc., that thoughts about the USMC got set aside.

Holly decided to go to college, and wound up at a school about 1-1/2 hours away from home.
She still wanted to be involved in as many things as she could, her freshman year she was elected class president, was a co-capitan on the cross-country team, and some her activities started to take a different turn.
And this was just a start.

Sue and I knew that things were going to get even more interesting when she asked us to come see her do this:

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