Finally INJUSTICE is Served!

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Or is This Miscarriage of Justice Merely a Tool to Get Someone Re-elected?

(IMG   Blind Justice weeping)

Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky are Railroaded and are Sacrificed on the Altar of PC.

From a political point of view what’s a sacrifice of 2 kids compared to getting all the Illegal Aliens votes?

Oh, yes, Illegals vote! How can they get away with it, you ask? Easy! No one checks their Citizenship status thoroughly enough. Plus forged documents are easy to obtain. Why even Donald Duck voted for Obama in 2008.

Oh yes, the ADULT who died, after assaulting these kids more than once, was Luis Ramirez. He attacked them from behind after their initial set to and verbal insults were exchanged. But before he did he called a friend to bring a gun to shoot these kids. Of course from the Police and arrest records that I’ve read this was typical of Ramirez. He was arrested a few times before for assault, and other crimes, and was know to be a Hot-headed loser. Some say a disgrace to the Illegal Alien community. He like others wanted the best our Country could offer without contributing to it. He didn’t bother to become a legal citizen. He, and many others wanted the goodies but not the responsibility of citizenship. But again maybe his violent past would have prevented him from becoming a citizen.

What a crying shame.

More to be posted later. Maybe I’ll update this post or make another.

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