President Obama a neo-Nixon

Posted on Mon 10/11/2010 by


By T. Lee Humphrey

If you ask the average American who is old enough to remember President Nixon, what you best remember about him, most people won’t say, he ended the Vietnam war or he visited China or that he kept an enemies list, they’ll say Watergate…and won’t mean the break-in at the Watergate Hotel but the totality of use of government and party resources to go after your enemies, and then attempt to use the power of the President’s office to cover up your illegal actions. The line in the Frost – Nixon interviews where Nixon is asked about the legality of his actions, he replied, if the President says it’s legal, it’s legal…I’ve summarized his words but they are telling. The belief that as President you are completely above the law is a funny concept considering the complaints about this really old guy in England by the name of King George. As a Canadian my US history may be a bit dodgy but I think his ability to just create laws or impose taxes as it suited him regardless of the pain it caused his subjects was one of the reasons for the whole Boston Tea Party thing that led to that dust up called the Revolutionary War wasn’t it? I’m pretty sure the founding fathers didn’t want the President to have that same power as the King they’d just divorced?

Having watched and listened to President Obama and his proxies lately I’d have to ask the real Richard Nixon to please stand up? It would appear to me that a neo-Nixon now occupies the White House. While I don’t come to this conclusion based on his policies I do so because of his administration’s actions and rhetoric. It’s obvious that they have created an enemies list so the question is are they using more than the bully pulpit to deal with those enemies as Richard Nixon did?

It began last year with a self proclaimed boycott of Fox News by senior administration staff which turned into a media revolt by the MSM. Before you get upset and think I’ve gone over to the dark side and am now watching MSNBC nightly, the MSM only banded together because of the precedent that the Obama administration was setting and they knew that any one of them could be next because Obama and the democrats won’t be in the White House forever. It didn’t last long but the willingness to cut out a major network who’s cable news ratings each night in every time slot destroy the other cable news shows is an odd strategy at best and an interesting interpretation of the Constitution at worst.

One would have thought they’d learned their lesson but as we’ve seen with their never ending blame Bush campaign they don’t learn much of anything easily. Again we’ve got the President saying that the likes of Fox News and Rupert Murdoch the owner of Fox are destructive and divisive. Again this is red meat for the base but in an age when the base can’t get you elected perhaps it’s time for the President to realize that independents are watching Fox too and maybe just maybe they’re not as radical and biased as you’d like Americans to believe.

As the mid-term election moves closer and the polls continue to favor the Republicans it would appear that the real enemies list is being developed and worked on. This weekend David Axelrod lashed out against the Chamber of Commerce on Face the Nation. When he was asked about providing proof about the claim that foreign money is being used to fund anti-Democratic ads he replied by saying “it’s up to the chamber to prove it isn’t true”…what…did I wake up on another planet? Did America just become a country whereby a member of the President’s inner circle and the Democratic National Committee in a new ad timed to match up with the Axelrod offensive, can make a claim of illegal actions, and then say that the accused is guilty until they prove otherwise? Is this change you can believe in? If it was just David Axelrod perhaps Americans could look the other way but when the President himself said the same thing on the stump according to the New York Times it’s time to stand up and say not again Mr. President. You sir, represent all Americans and you are misusing and demeaning the office you temporarily hold with this sort of desperate politicking.

America had a President who used his office to go after his enemies and he had to resign…if you continue to pursue this course of action President Obama please feel free to do the same.