Another Epic Global Warming Fail – Hanged Children? What Is Stirring In These Warmists’ Minds?

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Just what sick impulse are global warmists pleasuring when they threaten children with death?

A few days ago we saw the green group 10:10 “jokingly” show children being blown up if they did not join the global warming crusade:

Here at our site, we posted this disgusting video at this link with comment on the poor taste of this costly ‘venture’, and how it sends the wrong message. The video was pulled with a lame excuse from the group that made this video. However, since then, opinion coming in is virtually 100% against what this video attempts to say. This group receives Government Funding in the form of grants, that help to produce something like this. They also receive backing from major Private sponsors. One of those sponsors is Sony, who were so incensed with being associated with this that they in fact have ceased their funding of this group. That immediately drew a more contrite apology from the group, and the Sony response and the new apology are shown at this link.

Now, a separate group comes out with this equally disgusting attempt to get their point across. Tell me, just what is it with these people. If anyone else were to do something like this, they would be hounded out of existence.

Let’s hope that this also adds to achieving the desired result, that of setting back this supposed Global Warming cause by another ten tears, or maybe even hounds it out of existence completely…..TonyfromOz.

But ACT Responsible, a group of Left-wing advertising executives (!), had already come up with this for a Cannes conference:

Then there was this scare-the-kids video shocker that launched last year’s Copenhagen summit:

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