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Today’s music video is ‘A Little Ray Of Sunshine’ from the Australian band, Axiom.

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This song, and the clip go back 40 years. The title credit says Move, and that’s not a misprint instead of movie, but the title of the show this clip was taken from.

This song is an icon of Australian music. In a time when rock was taking over gradually, and bands were feeling their way around the genesis of modern music, this lovely little song was not considered to be rock enough for the radio stations to be playing, but popular opinion saw this song gain airplay, and to become a surprise hit when much harder edged rock music was all the rage.

The song was written by Brian Cadd and Don Mudie during their time in an earlier band but was not released at the time because it was not considered to be rock enough for radio.

This band was made up of artists from three other bands, and this was their second hit, released just prior to their departure for the UK in 1970. It became a National hit for them rising into the Top Five, and staying on the National charts for four months. Somewhat erroneously, the song has been attributed to the birth of one of the band members daughters, but it was in fact written by Cadd and Mudie about a friend, and the birth of their daughter.

This band, Axiom, was relatively short lived, but all the individual members went on to quite successful careers, either as solo artists, or members of other bands.

Brian Cadd and Don Mudie were associated on one of the most iconic films from the surfing genre, and this movie virtually started off that genre, G Wayne Thomas’s ‘Morning Of The Earth’. Brian can be seen in this clip, albeit briefly, on piano, and his is the higher pitched backing vocal. This song was always requested whenever Brian appeared in concert, and is still a requested song on radio to this day.

Chris Stockley also went on to bigger things as well.

However, look closely at the bearded singer singing from the balcony here. Recognise the face under all that hair? That is Glenn Shorrock, who went on to be in that iconic band that cracked it for Australia in the U.S. The Little River Band.

This is a wonderful little song, from a time when hard music was beginning to take over, proving that good songs are good no matter what genre they come from.

Did we ever have big hair like this?

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