Carter – Obama Comparisons Striking

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Reporter ScooterBy Scooter Van Neuter.

(SR) – As the Obama presidency continues its rocket ride to Fail Town, comparisons between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter are increasingly being made. Here’s a sampling of the striking similarities between the two presidents:

  • Obama has followed Carter’s losing strategy of cramming one unpopular socialist program after another down an unwilling public’s throat with the same predictable results: political suicide.
  • Both men are half white – Obama had a white mother and black father, while Carter had a white mother and space alien father.
  • Both presidents experienced record declines in popularity. Carter’s popularity rating went from “savior” to “fungus” in 17 months, while Obama’s rating went from “messiah” to “dog turd” in only 11 – faster than any other president in the last 100 years.
  • Carter had a retarded brother who said something stupid every time he opened his mouth, Obama has the equivalent with wife, Michelle.
  • Both presidents hate the Jews, and have worked tirelessly to hand Israel over to her enemies.
  • Obama shares Carter’s proclivity for sitting pantsless at the Oval Office presidential desk and playing with himself.
  • Both men like pie.

More comparisons are sure to follow, as Obama’s presidency continues to follow Carter’s blueprint for epic fail.

My comments: Wow, these guys are like political doppelgangers! Only time will tell which of these two socialist pinheads is the biggest failure, but my money’s on Barry!

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