Phone On Bill To Ban Lame-Duck Amnesty

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I have some more phone calls you could make to fight any more amnesty efforts this year.

Capitol Switchboard — 202-224-3121

Are you up for it?

The phoning will be easy, but it is slightly complicated to explain to you what is happening. Here goes:

1. The pro-amnesty losers in yesterday’s Senate vote are telling their supporters that they will do their best to bring an amnesty back up for a vote during the lame-duck session after the November elections.

Senate Democratic leaders have said that they hope that Senators who have lost their elections and who are retiring will be more courageous (meaning willing to go against the wishes of their constituents) and vote FOR an amnesty after the election (and before the new Congress takes control).

2. Tomorrow, Rep. Tom Price of Georgia (one of the House Republican leaders) plans to offer a resolution on the floor of the House that would, in a sense, have the House promise not to take up controversial issues in any lame-duck session.

3. What kind of resolution is this?

This is really just a “sense of Congress” resolution that would have no binding effect or force of law.

But it WOULD put a Representative on record so that you could hold him/her responsible for breaking a pledge.

We have been suggesting since summer that you pin down your current Member of the U.S. House and insist that he/she pledge not to vote for any amnesty that might come up during a lame-duck session, even if he/she generally supports legalizing illegal aliens.

Now, while an incumbent is asking to be re-elected, is the time to extract this pledge.

What does the resolution state?

It is very partisan, with a litany of abuses of power attributed to the Democratic leadership over the last two years. But it pledges that the only thing that will be done in a lame-duck session would be dealing with emergencies.

It specifically forbids changing immigration law.

How will this play out tomorrow?

Rep. Price tried this resolution on Aug. 10. The Speaker Pro Tempore ruled it out of order. That required a vote on whether to sustain the ruling. By a vote of 236-163, the House backed the ruling that kept the resolution from getting a real vote.

If this comes up tomorrow, I expect something similar will happen.


Phone your own Representative. But also considering phoning the Democratic Representatives in your state.

Capitol Switchboard — 202-224-3121

Tell them that voters in November need to know whether they might come back in lame-duck session and pass an amnesty and that you want them to pledge that they won’t support such an action.

To show good faith on that pledge, you will tell the Representatives who you call, they need to vote first to allow Price’s “Lame-Duck Resolution” and then to vote for it.


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