Hidden Real Estate Sales Tax in Health Care Bill

Posted on Wed 09/15/2010 by


By Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Email Briefing Bulletin:

Attached is information showing still yet another “hidden” tax that will effect citizens, and yet, probably is not known.  There are many such taxes coming.  Other examples: A 1% tax will be added to EACH bank transaction you carry-out.  This includes, but is not limited to: deposits, withdrawals, check transactions, ATM transactions.  If you are still fortunate to have an employer, much less have an employer who is paying your health insurance as part of your salary package, you will begin to be taxed on the monthly premium paid to keep your health insurance intact.  This tax on the premium will be considered income.  If you spend $600 at a business during the coming fiscal year, you will be required to obtain a 10-99 Form from that business, as well as their company mailing address and tax I.D. number, and you will have to
declare the $600 on those forms for each business where you spend $600 during the year. This is a lot of paper work for small businesses, and home businesses.

There is active discussion to push “Cap and Trade” through after the elections and prior to the new Congress being sworn in January.  If this legislation is passed, it will have a devastating effect on business, as well as our Nation’s economy.  The continued devastation on our Nation’s economy is a National Security item and concern.  As our country loses its’ ability to be financially stable, the ability to protect our assets internationally all lose; our ability to flex military might, when necessary, loses; our ability to influence many countries who look to us for guidance loses; our ability to assist our allies is lost.  Our ability to care for our own people and needs of our own Nation is lost.  A slow unraveling of society begins.  These are security concerns.

Continue to prepare yourself and your family for very lean times.  Prepare your neighbors so a strong sense of community is developed.  Prepare to fend for yourself and your family in the likelihood of civil unrest.  DO NOT go off “half-cocked,” but DO sit down and begin a serious review of your ability to survive a disruption in food distribution, as well as fuel and energy.  Serious hyperinflation is coming; what cost a dollar today will cost far more in the not-so-distant future.  DO NOT think the elections of Republicans will stem the tide and usher in a Golden Era.  The deliberate plan to bring America down to Third-World status is NOT merely a Democrat v. Republican issue.  It is far more deep and wide than a simple conventional political explanation.  Please don’t lull yourself into a false sense of belief that all will be fine the morning after the November election.

Please prepare yourself and your family now while there is still time.


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