Obama “Like A Retard In Front Of A Slot Machine”

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WASHINGTON (SR) – President Obama is planning on spending at least $50 billion more in borrowed money in an effort to strengthen our nation’s sputtering economy. The money will be used to build and modernize roads, bridges, and runways.

With nothing to show but continued unemployment after already spending nearly a trillion dollars of borrowed money, the President’s decision to “double down” is sure to be unpopular with anyone smarter than a candy bar.

“Obama’s like a retard in front of a slot machine – no matter how much he loses, he just can’t stop pulling the handle,” said one prominent Wall Street analyst. “Unfortunately, he’s playing with our grandchildren’s money.”

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs defended the President’s economic strategy, telling reporters, “Look, the President spent months as a community organizer, I think he knows how to run the world’s largest economy.”

My comments: With this kind of brilliant fiscal strategy, we’ll all be peddling crappy little carved souvenirs on the beach to foreign tourists in no time!

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