Outcome of the Australian election

Posted on Wed 09/01/2010 by


Australia held an election on the 21st August, but the result has shown that we are heading for a hung parliament.  At present the Coalition has 73 seats compared to the ALP who has 71 seats with 1 doubtful seat.  However Julia-the-Red Gillard (she is a Marxist) is so desperate to cling to power that she has done a deal with the Watermelon aka the Green Party.

The Coalition has won the majority of first preference votes, and it has won the most seats to date. There is one seat in doubt that could fall either way. A further complication is that a person who ran as a National Party candidate in WA wants to sit on the cross benches, rather than be a part of the Coalition. The deal with the devil means that at present the Coalition has 73 seats with ALP-Green on 72 seats. The 4 Independents must decide which way they will lean.

A desperate Julia-the-Red Gillard will promise anything and will do deals that are detrimental for most Australians. This is not a good outcome.