Rangel: Vote For Me To Keep Civil RIghts Alive

Posted on Tue 08/31/2010 by


HARLEM, NY (SR) – Rep. Charles Rangel described himself Sunday as a “foot solder” in African-Americans’ struggle for equality, and urged his supporters to vote for him to keep the fight alive.

“All of you remember that this fight is never, never going to end at least as long as there are ethically-challenged black politicians like myself trying to get elected. I’m just one of the foot soldiers; just one of those [who] fought to enrich myself upon your backs in the march so that one day our kids [will] be able to say, ‘Do you remember when there was bigotry and prejudice in this country from someone other than a black Democrat politician? Do you remember when there wasn’t bloviating, race-baiting hucksters getting fat at the public teat by manipulating illiterate welfare junkies fairness?”

While a House panel has charged Rangel with 13 ethics violations, as well as 934 violations related to the abuse of hair straightening products, the American public has already found the disgraced politician guilty of being a slimy greaseball in the third degree, according to latest polls.

My comments: Well, there goes the civil rights movement and Black equality. Damn Whitey!

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