Sasquatch Sighting Near Obama Vacation Home!

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MARTHA’S VINEYARD (SR) – Local residents on this quiet island may not be sleeping so well since the reported sighting of a Bigfoot last night, just down the beach from where the First Family is vacationing.

An unidentified woman called Martha’s Vineyard police Wednesday night at 10:08 to report a “Bigfoot-type creature” slowly moving along the beach in the moonlight. Police quickly alerted Secret Service agents guarding the Obama’s home, who reported seeing nothing unusual, but as a precaution did request that First Lady Michelle cut short her evening walk.

While Sasaquatch sightings are not uncommon in Massachusetts, they are very rare on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

My comments: Holy-pope-on-a-rope, just reading this gave me chicken skin! They need to move the First Family to someplace safer, like maybe Afghanistan!

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Sasquatch Sighting near Obama's Vacation Home

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