Poll: 25% Believe Obama Muslim, 87% Believe He Is A Moron

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By Scooter Van Neuter

SCOOTER’S REPORT – A new Time poll indicates deep prejudices among the US population against violent antichrist religions and those who practice them, as well as a growing dislike for President Obama.

According to the poll, more than 70% of Americans are adamantly opposed to the building of the Ground Zero mosque, with over half promising to urinate on the structure and pelt it with bacon if it is built.

A surprising 25% of Americans believe President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, while 87% believe he is “a moron or functionally retarded.” Not surprisingly, 42% continue to believe First Lady Michelle is a Wookie, and should be neutered.

The poll surveyed 1,002 adults, 89% of whom identified themselves as likely voters, on August 16 – 17.

My comments: This is a good example of why I distrust polls – only 87% believe Barry’s a moron? The 13% who don’t need to be neutered with Michelle, IMHO.
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President Barack Obama and Woo First Lady Michelle

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