A Phone Call Home From A Marine Recruit

Posted on Mon 08/16/2010 by


Yesterday (Sunday) morning, our phone rang and my wife answered it.

A female voice on the other end asked who she was speaking to, and then proceeded to ask her if she had a daughter at boot camp at Parris Island.

When my wife told her yes to these questions, the woman said “Your daughter wants to speak with you.”

I’m hearing all of this, and a thousand thoughts raced through my mind.

I figured this could not be good news because, a few weeks after she shipped, I happened to ask a recruiter if she would be allowed to have a phone card in case she found time to give us a call.
His response was that she would not have access to a phone while she was at boot, unless there was some sort of emergency.

By this time, my mind still going a mile a minute, I’m thinking that the past week was weapons qualification.

I must admit that the thought that she might have been injured didn’t enter my mind, rather I was afraid she had some bad news regarding qualifying, as in an earlier letter she has expressed serious doubts about being able to do well on the rifle range.
She had written that she didn’t think she would do well enough to even earn a “pizza box” (basic marksman medal).

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