Genius Green Schemes: Higher Bills And Water Tipped Into Rivers

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Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

The cut and thrust of the election campaign gathers steam as it approaches election day, only one week away now. Each side promises things they will have difficulty delivering, and each side then uses negative attack ads to shoot down what the other side proposes. One thing that is slowly bubbling to the surface is that this so called environmental religion has a price tag that is astronomical, and, in the main, undeliverable without taking the Country back to the dark ages…..TonyfromOz

Green dreams don’t come cheap:

VICTORIAN households face electricity price rises of up to 50 per cent – between $600 and $800 a year on average – to cover soaring costs and pollution taxes.

“Pollution taxes”? Call them religious taxes instead, imposed on top of rising coal prices:

Households have already endured price rises of 20 to 30 per cent in the past two years. The higher cost of power generation, poles and wiring upgrades, the rollout of smart meters and uncertainty over an emissions-trading scheme are blamed…

Industry analyst Simon Oaten … said other factors behind rocketing electricity bills included (the) Brumby Government’s plans to slash carbon emissions by 2020 and reduce output at the coal-fired Hazelwood plant..

EnergyWatch general manager Ben Polis blamed the Federal Government’s promised – and now postponed – emissions-trading scheme for some of the price rises inflicted on consumers.

Meanwhile another government green scheme achieves the usual amazing results:

ALMOST $40,000 worth of water a day is being flushed by the State Government as it refuses to use its flagship recycling pipeline to supply households.

The Courier-Mail can reveal 33 million litres of water a day are being passed through the high-priced purification process and then ditched in the Brisbane River.

The 33ML would be valued at nearly $15 million a year if sold to council-run retailers at the current wholesale price, rising to in excess of $73 million based on the rate at which it is sold on to households…

The waste is set to continue until commercial customers are found for recycled water or a decision is made to mothball most of the $2.5 billion pipeline’s treatment plants.

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