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By John Droz, Jr.

This is the latest issue of my informal, free collection of recent electrical energy-related developments. Since citizens are daily inundated with material coming out on this topic, I am trying to present a digest summary of the most pertinent applicable information. My bias is for articles that are: scientific, independent, informative, constructive, and/or well-written.
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My core message is: Scientifically Sound Solutions not Palliative Political Pablum
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What this translates to is that the policy statement of any true environmental organization should be the following:

1)  We believe that we have serious environmental and energy issues, and

2)  We believe that these matters should be solved by applying the scientific method.
Anything less would amount to promoting a political policy rather than a science-based one.
Citizens should insist on nothing less from organizations they belong to.
Some people may not be aware of it, but I actually have three online presentations. Check them out!
1 – Main one: EnergyPresentation.Info
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Pickens wins, wind developers lose is about the failed US Senate Energy bill:
<<>>. Even though this is a big victory for citizens, we cannot let our guard down yet, as even now senators are introducing legislation to try to get a Renewable Energy Standard passed.
Since wind promotion is all about money (not energy or the environment), and HUGE amounts of profits are being made at taxpayer and ratepayer expense, we knew it would eventually come to this. Wind turbines too loud? Developer will pay you $5000 to be quiet <<>>.
Big surprise: wind energy is actually a bait-and-switch scam
A bright light appeared in the official Maine Republican party platform, under IV-g. It says:  “Defeat Cap and Trade, investigate collusion between government and industry in the global warming myth, and prosecute any illegal collusion.”
A Call For Energy Realism” is an important article from a major news source
The first international symposium on adverse health effects and industrial wind turbines will be on October 29-31, 2010 in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. See
Peter Lang did another fine analysis. In this case he critiqued an Australian plan to replace a coal facility with wind and gas, and compared the cost and benefits to gas only and nuclear only
Why Wind Power Mandates Are Wrong” is a good detailed, scientific critique
I forgot whether I posted this before, but it’s worth another look: “The Non-Science of Wind Energy
Dr. Mike Fox, a nuclear scientist, has written another fine piece about the foolishness of wind energy
What the Wind Industry Won’t Tell You
A candidate for NY Attorney General came out to urge a probe into how electricity is priced in NYS. This is welcome news, as the methodology used is totally dysfunctional! <<>>.
Save The River, an important environmental organization in northern NY, made a major change in their position regarding wind energy, and is now calling for a three year moratorium <<>>. This change came about due to several concerned local citizens speaking out.
An energy expert, a former grid control engineer, has warned that the rush to renewables risks both the security of supply and an increase in household bills. <<>>.
River turbines — likely to be much better than wind turbines
Artist Phil Epp (whose painting is the backdrop for my energy presentation cover: EnergyPresentation.Info) continues to do some good work with wind turbine scenery. Below are two of his recent paintings. His website (which includes many other paintings and his contact info) is <<>>.

The Putting Some Balance To It Department —

I am more in favor of litigation as one of the best means to fight the absurd rules and regulations formulated by agenda promoters (e.g. the EPA). Here is a sample article about lawsuits against the EPA’s position on CO2 <<>>. Hopefully some of these litigants will attack the core weakness: the fact that the scientific method has not been applied.

Regional and State Interests May Dominate Future Climate and Energy Policy

Global Warming: the Death of a Grand Narrative

Desperate Days for Warmists

A good discussion of the IPCC and the contradictory position taken by many proponents of AGW <<>>.  And another worthwhile one about IPCC <<’s-theory-of-man-made-global-warming-using-observed-temperature-data/#more-22849>>.

A fine, short video of a PhD expert who formerly believed in AGW, and now says it is based on lies

A fine critique of a recent paper about the scientific credibility of scholars supporting AGW

The Community Service Department —

Watch this interesting interview of Milton Friedman by Phil Donahue (several years ago), where Friedman speaks out against Ralph Nadar (and environmentalism) <<>>.

In an historic vote, the UN declares water is a human right

Watch this short video: “I fought for you”: <<>>.

john droz, jr.
physicist & environmental advocate

Horses Under Turbines By Epp

Turbines on Mesa By Epp

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Southampton Integrated Tidal Generator