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Obama Appears On Talk Show

While Rome burns, Barry dropped in on The View Thursday, for a lively  chat with Toontown’s version of the Al Gonquin Round Table (and Elisabeth Hasselbeck).

While the show was a ratings success, it came at a cost – after Obama’s visit, the set was declared a hazardous waste site by the EPA after it was noticed Joy Behar had left a large wet spot on the very expensive custom couch used for the interview. Several show staff members were treated for exposure and the couch was transported to a remote waste site where it was incinerated.

Obama Calls Blacks “Mongrel People”

While appearing on ABC’s morning talk show “The View” Thursday, the white half of Barack Obama made what many considered to be a racist comment, referring to African-Americans as a “mongrel people.”

Obama’s black half later told reporters that he had received a letter of apology and a 40 oz. can of Colt 45 Malt Liquor from his white half, and considered the issue closed.

What Boycott? Arizona Tourism Booming

Hotel occupancy rates in Arizona hotels are up over 11% compared to last year, despite calls to boycott the state over its anti-illegal immigration stance.

A study of Arizona visitors found most decided to vacation there because of the probability “idiot liberals” would be “somewhere else.”

“I don’t want to expose my family to people that stupid,” said one visitor from Minnesota, referring to pro-illegal immigration supporters. “If we wanted to vacation with morons, we’d be visiting the White House.”

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