Illegal Immigrants Flood Back Into Arizona

Posted on Fri 07/30/2010 by


PHOENIX (SR) – Swarms of illegal immigrants are pouring back into Arizona after a federal judge yesterday blocked key parts of that state’s tough new anti-illegal immigration law.

Residents of Phoenix awoke this morning to the festive sound of pounding car stereos, hedge trimmers, gunshots, and graffiti spray painting. “Things are getting back to normal,” said one resident whose car was stolen in the early morning hours. “I guess it was good while it lasted.”

In an early morning emergency session seeking additional police officers, Democrat Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon hailed the federal judge’s decision, calling it “great news for for my future homie voters.”

My comments: Wow, just in time! The supply of hookers, weed, and blow were almost gone in this burg, and the new white guys in my lawn crew trimmed my beautiful shrubs into what appear to be cat turds. Welcome back amigos!

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White guy ruins my shrubs