NPR Producer Would Revel in Watching Limbaugh Die

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David Martin, Executive Vice President, Media Research Center

Sarah Spitz, a National Public Radio producer, shocked even herself by the level of hatred she harbors for Rush Limbaugh. She said in an email that she would, “Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch [Rush Limbaugh’s] eyes bug out” as he writhed in torment from a heart attack.

“I never knew I had such hate in me,” she wrote. “But he deserves it.”

Ms. Spitz’s hateful message went to hundreds of other left wing journalists and academics via the JournoList email listserv. For close to three and a half years, JournoList has been an online forum where these left-wingers have had an ongoing secret dialogue, the details of which are just now coming to light. What we’ve known about the liberal media for years has now been exposed in their secret emails among each other. MRC’s own has been covering this story since it broke.

In addition to their consuming hatred for Rush, JournoList liberals also lamented how Fox News isn’t a real news organization, and should be denied access to White House briefings. Talk among the journalists even swirled about whether or not the federal government should shut Fox News down because of its alleged conservative bias.

The accusations of bias at Fox News are even more laughable when we read about JournoList reporters planning to falsely accuse prominent conservatives of being racists. This was discussed as a way to deflect attention from Jeremiah Wright back in 2008 when candidate Barack Obama’s poll numbers were suffering due to this association with the controversial preacher.

Bizarre fantasies about violent deaths, government crackdowns on popular news outlets and plans to libel prominent conservatives are what members of the liberal media discuss when they think that no one is listening.

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Last week, the NAACP decided to get in on the game that the left wing media have been playing since last year. The NAACP accused the Tea Party of being a “racist” organization. The near defunct organization is back on the front pages and the network news – thanks to the liberal media who are all too eager to repeat these outrageous lies.

On the July 13 edition of World News with Diane Sawyer, Sawyer reported on the NAACP resolution condemning “racist behavior” by Tea Party members. In fact, since Sawyer’s July 13 story the NAACP’s feud with the Tea Party has been featured on eight network shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Does America really care what the NAACP thinks about the Tea Party? The networks seem to think so!

Despite increasing irrelevancy, the NAACP struck gold with their resolution – one that echoes the long-held liberal media narrative of Tea Party racism. Since the early stages of the Tea Party movement, NewBusters has featured stories and analysis of the liberal media’s fear-driven hatred directed specifically at Tea Party members.

Lost in this ill-conceived love affair between two increasingly irrelevant entities is the truth. Even though the allegations of racism in the Tea Party movement are unsubstantiated, it isn’t stopping the NAACP or the liberal media from portraying hate-mongering and racism as the basis of the Tea Party movement as opposed to a commitment to free markets and limited government.

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