Shameful: Google’s Search Engine Discriminates Against Conservative Blogs!

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I wrote a heartfelt comment after reading the following article:   Why Google Loves Democrats So Much . Well, Ed read it and asked me to post it as an article. So here it is with some additions, plus here’s a little background information from the above article, just in case you’re too lazy or rushed to click on the above link.

Google’s boss Eric Schmidt has been donating huge amounts of money to Obama. “In the 2008 election cycle Schmidt and his Google colleagues donated over $800,000 to Obama…”
“In 2010 the bias at Google has continued, Google employees donated over $270,000 to Democrats and liberal campaign groups” but less than 17% of that amount to Conservatives.  At least there are some employees with their heads screwed on right.

As a result Google has a lot of inside help from Obama and Gang and undue influence at the Whitehouse. This must have gone to Socialists Schmidt’s, and his employee followers, heads because they are acting like Nazis with certain types of Blogs, in violation of Free Speech. …

This other area that Google is currently negatively influencing, and discriminating against, is Conservative Blogs. If you check the statistics for several Web and Blog ranking services against Google’s rankings you’ll notice a big discrepancy in the ratings. Not so with Leftist/Socialist sites.

For example you”ll find Google will rank a very large Conservative site 1 out of 10 (the same as a starting blog) but Alexa, WebGrader, Technorati and others will rank them much higher. But with Leftist/Socialist sites the ratings tend to agree!

Another example: For the longest time before the 2008 elections we (PA Pundits – International) were ranked 5/10 by Google, then as the Election Campaign wore on we were dropped to 4/10 and then suddenly to 1/10!!!

Google wasn’t checking our Blog on a regular basis. When we checked on Google, they only crawled our Blog late in the day.

In Google searches for key words, we used to be in the top 25 to 50 listings and now we may be in the 400 to 900 or worse.

There’s a word for that and it’s called “Sandboxing”. That’s where they put Brand new sites to see how they do before Google takes them seriously. They have done this to other very large Blogs and have hurt their traffic from searches.

As a result our on-line visitors plummeted.

We’ve had a few other Sites ask us ‘what happened to you?’ ‘We used to get a large number of links to us from your Blog but you suddenly dropped off our radar!’ One was Family Security Matters. I’ve also heard from readers complaining that they can’t find our articles via a word search at Google anymore!

This is wrong for a Search Engine company like Google to act so petty and try to force their warped political ideas on their search customers by limiting their choices. Just as it is wrong to punish Patriotic, Conservative Blogs for disagreeing with the Google Socialistic views on Politics.

This is one reason we recommend excellent alternate Search Engines such as the superior Startpage, Ixquick, and there’s GoodSearch or even Yahoo.

Startpage and Ixquick search engines provides search results from over ten best search engines in full privacy. Search anonymously. GoodSearch is a Yahoo powered search engine that donates 50% of its revenue, about a penny per search, to listed American charities and schools designated by its users. The money donated comes from the site’s advertisers.

As a bonus the first two, Startpage and Ixquick do NOT record your IP address! That means they are not tracking you as you search. Google does and then either sells that information to others and/or uses the information gathered to direct their money making schemes your way. But the biggest problem is that the info Google gathers can be TRACED BACK to YOU! Not just your abstract statistics and general location but to your computer, your name and address, to the real you!!! So then what about ID theft??? Does that open the doors for that?

Now, as I see it nobody needs to have this personal information. Definitely not a Marxist company like Google!

If you want any form of Socialism Schmidty, Go to Russia! Oops, they don’t want you there either. Putin chastised Obama at a conference about a year or so ago telling him that Socialism doesn’t work. He said he knows from experience. (We wrote about that.) Or go to China. You’ll be okay for awhile but China has been successful with Capitalism and who knows. They may adopt the most successful form of Government in the world – the American Republic! Well, take heart, there’s Venezuela. You and Chávez should get along like brothers. Go there and stop screwing around with the American way! Take Obama and his followers with you. Goodbye and good riddance!

Have any Blogger’s or Web Sites have this problem with google? I’d like to see how widespread this is.

We have Stats and Ranking add-ons for our Firefox Browsers that will give us an automatic read from different ranking companies in addition to google. That’s where I found out about the big discrepancy with google’s erroneous ratings compared to other legitimate services.

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