Rudd Hopes To Do To The World What He Nearly Did To Australia

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By Andrew Bolt

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Kevin Rudd.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has long been angling for a high profile position on the World stage. His aspirations to secure an important position with the UN are common knowledge here in Australia. Right through his tenure as Prime Minister, he relentlessly pushed the Climate Change/Global Warming mantra. Copenhagen was supposed to be his greatest achievement, but when that conference failed so comprehensively, he was compromised, but the seeds had been already sown. Now that he has been deposed as Prime Minister, that has also set back his plans. As a long term Diplomat, he now hoped to become Foreign Minister, probably a hope he still might have if Labor is re-elected. However, sentiment within his own Party is moving away from him now, and it seems he may not get this coveted position. He still says he is working hard for re-election, and will serve out his full term, whether or not he is made Foreign Minister. It now seems, from this article, that he is covering his bases by aiming to secure a position with the UN. If he has been compromised at home, both as the leader of the Country, and especially with the debate on Climate Change not having as much traction as it once did, what makes people think he can achieve on the World stage something he failed at so miserably in his own Country. In all reality, he probably deserves the UN as much as they deserve him…..TonyfromOz.

Rudd can’t keep his mouth shut, can he? And he seems to be angling for a job where he could do a lot of damage:

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd is reportedly being considered by the United Nations for a top-level job as an adviser on climate change

UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon is now considering creating a role for him as a top-level adviser on climate change, according to a “diplomatic source with knowledge of the plan,” the Daily Telegraph reported on Thursday.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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