Yet Another Costly Green Plan Hits The Wall

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By Andrew Bolt

This highlights the fact that no matter how good the idea might be, the average person in the street, when faced with a ‘choice’ that is supposedly an environmental ‘fix’, they will not make that discretionary personal choice to move in that direction to purchase a car that is supposedly good for the environment. It also highlights the fact that this car, while similar in appearance to standard versions of the same model, costs significantly more, and even with the subsidies making it cheaper than what it might retail for, people will still not shell out their hard earned just for the sake of being environmentally conscious. As to Government Departments shelling out their money to supposedly ‘set an example’ by being seen in these Hybrid cars, it’s easy for them to do that. After all, it’s the taxpayers money that is paying for them in the first place…..TonyfromOz.

As predicted, yet another Rudd Government “green” program just does your dough:

THE federal government’s billion-dollar green car scheme has stalled on the starting grid.  The first subsidised project, Toyota’s locally built Hybrid Camry, is selling well below expectations despite a booming vehicle market.

The Hybrid Camry, which began rolling off its Melbourne assembly lines six months ago, was expected to attract 10,000 buyers this year, but fewer than 3000 had been registered at the halfway mark, this week’s figures reveal.

A string of record months for vehicle sales and an aggressive marketing campaign by Toyota failed to stimulate demand for the Hybrid Camry, hailed as a new era in Australian manufacturing by Kevin Rudd when he launched it in December, just before he flew to Copenhagen for the ill-fated climate change summit, and the project was granted $35 million from the green car scheme…

A sales breakdown of customer types, obtained by The Weekend Australian, shows 571 of the 2960 sales are awaiting test drives in dealerships or being used by Toyota… By far the biggest buyers are governments, mostly state governments, which have bought 755. The Victorian government committed to purchasing 2000 before the price was announced.

No wonder the Victorian Government thought it had better buy what private buyers won’t:

As well as the $35m from Canberra, the Victorian government injected money into the project but has refused to reveal how much, with estimates ranging from $15m to $35m.

Toyota forecast demand for 10,000 a year over the two-year production life, making the green subsidy on each model between $2500 and $3500, in addition to the general industry assistance.

Count up the Government’s green scams and failures:

The $2.5 billion free insulation fiasco – wildly rorted and responsible for nearly 200 housefires and four deaths
The solar hot water scheme – wildly rorted
Green loans debacle – scrapped after rorting and cost blow-out
The emissions trading scheme – shelved after concerns it will blow the Budget
The “green car” scheme – cars meeting buyer resistance, despite big subsidies

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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