Israel Welcomes Iranian Escort For Activist Flotilla

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By Scooter Van Neuter.

Iranian destroyer on maneuvers

TEHRAN (SR) -Ali Imaazzhat, an aide to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that Iran will send Revolutionary Guard naval units to escort humanitarian aid convoys seeking to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

In a surprise move, Israeli not only did not object to the Iranian escort, but in a statement released by the IDF Monday morning, seemed to encourage it:

“While Israel has every intention of maintaining a blockade of Gaza, we acknowledge that a large force of highly trained Revolutionary Guards manning a formidable fleet of powerful Iranian Navy vessels could possibly adversely influence our willingness to enforce the blockade – they’re just so awesome.”

The statement concludes with an offer to refuel Iranian Navy ships at Gaza and provide Revolutionary Guards with “valuable gifts and prizes” should they succeed in challenging the blockade.

My comments: I like this new conciliatory tone Israel is taking with its adversaries. If this statement is any indication, can world peace be far off?

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