A Lecture On Austerity From The Actor In The Castle

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By Andrew Bolt

Jeremy Irons

You just have to love the fact that it’s always those people who have nearly everything telling us, the average people, that we are the ones who need to live more simply and do without those things we take now as almost necessities of life. Why is it always these types of people who gain the most traction? ….. TonyfromOz

Actor Jeremy Irons, whose wife is “deeply socialist”, announces he’s become a green campaigner and wants us to live “less decadently”:

The increasing global population would put an intolerable strain on the world’s resources, Irons said, and the gulf between developing countries and westerners living a bountiful “pie-in-the-sky” existence must be addressed …

Irons, who owns seven houses, including a pink castle

Perhaps more orangey, actually, but decidely not green:

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