New Renewable Power Proposal

Posted on Thu 05/20/2010 by


By Marlin6 with some extra technical input from TonyfromOz

This is a fairly technical explanation of a proposal for new generation Renewable Power. However the last part of this short video all but ensures it is a proposal that will be seriously considered by this current Administration.

This idea could be further enhanced by a process that will rant and gran the Phantastran and retrense the Transaxlabiofronic Multiplexification Unit.

Given how members of the current Administration are falling over each other in their efforts to implement this race to the bottom fantastic new direction of implementation of any form of Renewable Power, I feel sure that this proposal will receive funding almost as soon as word reaches Senators Kerry and Lieberman. In fact, I feel positively certain that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is already all over this wonderful new idea, and in fact something like this would be absolutely ideal for her home State of California. I also hear that interest is also forthcoming from Reps. Waxman and Markey as well, virtually assuring swift implementation of a wide ranging study into this proposal, which will be followed by the setting up of a special committee which will then report their findings to a Congressional Select Committee with a view to sending it to an implementation committee, who will then report back to Congress, who will then draft special legislation to cover the technicalities, assisted by Senate leader Harry Reid, who will then guide it through the Senate.

We look forward to the swift implementation of this process which will fall neatly in step with all other moves to the use of Renewable Power.

TonyfromOz adds …..

Special thanks to Marlin6 for finding this wonderful video.