Pentagon To Issue Medals For Restraint

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Pentagon's new "Courageous Restraint" medal

By Scooter Van Neuter

WASHINGTON (SR) – At the direction of the Obama administration, the Pentagon will soon be awarding U.S. troops in Afghanistan medals for doing nothing in the face of provocation.

According to Pentagon officials, the  medal would be given for “courageous restraint,” or as troops in the field refer to it, “being a chickensh*t.”

“Past administrations have put too much emphasis on killing,” a Pentagon spokesperson told reporters Tuesday. “To win over your enemy, it sometimes takes more courage to run or be killed.”

Those views aren’t necessarily shared by all in the service, however. “If I ever get awarded one of those things, I hope my own troops shoot me,” said one Marine on the battlefield in Afghanistan. “I’ll win my medals kicking a**, not cowering like some kind of pussy liberal pacifist.”

My comments: The only restraint our troops should be practicing is not peeing on the enemy after they kill them. Let’s raise our delicious margaritas in toast to our warriors – HOOAH!

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