Financial Meltdown Reprise – Video

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While the hearings are under way regarding the financial meltdown, and just who it might have been that contributed, it’s well worth having a look at some earlier footage. This footage is of Representative Paul Kanjorski (Dem-PA) speaking on CSPAN about what happened. The footage has been roundly discredited, mainly because what he said was misunderstood, and from that, then misinterpreted. I went into great detail in two earlier posts, at the time, in February of 2009, and explained it in depth. Twice I posted on this exact subject, and this is the link to the first of those posts, and this is the link to the second post. It is however worthwhile looking at what he said again, and also canvassing just why it was that what he said was misunderstood.

This short video has truncated the beginning of this interview, and again, that beginning contributed to why so little coverage was given to it, and why a lot of people did not bother to really wait for the whole interview. The beginning of the interview lasted for two minutes or so, and was of a call in speaker addressing Kanjorski. The real crux of what he said begins at around the 2.07 mark, and this video takes up directly from that point.

The whole point of what he says is encapsulated in the first thirty seconds of this video, and I want you to listen very carefully.

What was so roundly misinterpreted by nearly everybody was the actual date of the raid. Everyone assumed, and it might seem quite naturally, that the date of the raid was the date he specifically mentioned, because a few seconds later, he then mentioned the Thursday of the raid itself.

However, look closely at this image of the month in question, keeping in mind that Kanjorski said this in February of 2009, so the month in question was in fact September of 2008, and this image shows that month.

Now, what he actually WAS saying was that there was a meeting on that Monday 15th September, and listen again to his introductory comments very closely. This meeting was a closed Sessions of Congress to discuss the ramifications of what had happened. In that meeting, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, and incumbent Secretary of the Treasury Henry (Hank) Paulson discussed with members of Congress what had happened.

That meeting is a fact. It was reported at the time, and in the hubbub of what followed, it got pushed into the background, mainly because of the amounts of money involved.

That date, the 15th September, mentioned specifically by Kanjorski is the key in the whole of this raid, and probably why it was so easily discounted, and why it was so easily misinterpreted, especially as he followed it so closely with the comment about the raid on the Thursday, and in so many reports, it is stated the date of the raid was September 15th, and most reports even say Thursday September 15th.

What Kanjorski says raises more questions than it actually addressed at the time.

If indeed this was a closed sessions of Congress, why then did Kanjorski even mention it in the first place?

If Ben Bernanke detailed the matter then, he surely still must have some real insight NOW into what actually did happen.

If Hank Paulson did the same, then surely he also knows about it. If Paulson, then Secretary of Treasury, knew, then surely he would have briefed Timothy Geithner when he took over that position, and if so, then this current Administration MUST know what happened.

It seems to me that a huge snow job of immense proportions has been fed to the people with respect to what actually did happen, when it happened, how it happened, and even who made it happen.

An Electronic run on the banks of the mammoth scale such as this could not be done anonymously by faceless men, because there would be an easily detectable electronic fingerprint that even the most untrained investigator could follow.

Again, the very first thing you think of is that here’s some guy with another of those conspiracy theories, but nothing could be further from the truth.

All I am trying to point out is the fact that no one has even bothered to check the damned calendar for that month, and then put two and two together.

Why, oh why did Paul Kanjorski even mention this in the first place. If it wasn’t true, then he would be a laughing stock, well a bigger laughing stock than he already is.

Why has Bernanke not been quizzed in public about it?

Why has Paulson not been quizzed?

How much does Timothy Geithener know about this, and why hasn’t he talked about it?

Extrapolating out from that, then if Geithner knows, then surely the President himself also knows.

Are these current hearings in the House really just a diversionary tactic to find a scapegoat, started to deflect questions about what really did happen, and to find someone to blame for something.

It’s time to tell the people just what really did happen on the Thursday prior to that closed Congressional meeting on 15th September 2008, and I’ll leave you to look at the calendar again to see what the date of that Thursday is.

This is not a conspiracy theory at all. This is simple logic.

People failed to check their calendars. It was hidden away on CSPAN. It was, after all, Paul Kanjorski. There was an annoying 2 minutes in front of the actual main intent, and then there was that immense amount of money. People concentrated on that money without even bothering to check what was actually said before that. It just became too easy to shut down.

There were so many things that enabled the whole thing to be shut down, and then marginalised.

No conspiracy theory here at all.

Just so many questions and so few answers.