Alarmist Models Shut Europe’s Air Travel

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By Andrew Bolt

The massive shutdown of air traffic over Europe relied on computer models:

German airlines Lufthansa and Air Berlin said the decision to close much of Europe’s airspace was not based on proper testing. They said that their aircraft showed no signs of damage after flying without passengers.

The decision to close the airspace was made exclusively as a result of data from a computer simulation at the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in London,” Air Berlin chief executive Joachim Hunold said.

“Not one single weather balloon has been sent up to measure how much volcanic ash is in the air.”

And whose volcanic ash models were relied upon? Why, those of the Met Office, which uses models to predict catastropic man-made warming, too.

TonyfromOz adds …..

Think about this for a minute, and refer it back to the Climate Change debate.

All this is based upon what is called ‘computer modeling’. It’s in reality nothing more than guesswork. The daily weather forecast is also based upon computer modeling. In most cases, that is incorrect, and that is barely for one day into the future. A similar situation would be of a mother being delivered of a newborn child. As the doctor hands the mother her new baby, he also gives her a computer model of that baby’s whole life in front of them, based on as many facts as he can glean beforehand. There is absolutely no way that computer model would be correct. If that is the case then, why should one computer model be trusted and others, as in the case of the newborn, be looked upon as nonsense.

They are just that. Models. Why is so much credence given to Climate Change models as being the verbatim truth, and then basing what amounts to our whole future on what is basically a guess. Scaremongers might rightly reply, saying, “but what if it’s true?” Conversely, the other argument can quite rightly be, “but what if it’s not true”.

Climate Change modeling tells us what things ‘might’ be like in 20, 30, 50 years and more, the same as for that computer model for the newborn.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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