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By Andrew Bolt

TonyfromOz prefaces …..

This story is gaining traction, even here in Australia.

Greg Sheridan on another leader who prefers declarations to deeds – and dangerously so:

BARACK Obama is a wonderfully gifted showman. And what a splendid show he’s put on this past week or so concerning nuclear weapons.

First came the new Nuclear Posture Review, apparently dramatically reducing the circumstances under which the US might use nuclear weapons. Then came a new nuclear arms agreement with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to reduce US and Russian nuclear arsenals by a third.

It is all, to use Obama’s favourite word, “unprecedented”.

Or is it?   …  

It all points the way to a glorious future where the world is free of nuclear weapons.

Or does it?

At the very least, it shows the Obama administration is deadly serious about nuclear disarmament.

Do you think so?

Here’s the thing: it’s still really all about Iran.

And on Iran, … Obama is failing, and not just failing but failing dismally and utterly, failing without the slightest compensation of even partial success, failing now without even a serious effort to succeed.

One of the alleged benefits of the deal with Russia is that Moscow is now allegedly willing to consider sanctions against Iran. Just how long is this danse macabre going to go on?

No sooner had Medvedev made that statement than the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister made it clear that any serious sanctions, especially those which might hit refined oil products, were absolutely out of the question.

I fear that Obama’s time in office will be ranked alongside Chamberlain’s in pre-war Britain. The difference is, though, that at least Chamberlain didn’t try to disarm Britain as the Nazis grew stronger.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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