Still, It Was A Great Photo Op

Posted on Tue 03/30/2010 by


By Andrew Bolt

Yet another great idea from Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that goes precisely nowhere:

AUSTRALIAN taxpayers are the only financial backers for Kevin Rudd’s $100 million-a-year global clean coal initiative, as world leaders have failed to match their resounding endorsement of the idea at the G8 meeting last July with a single dollar.

Praised by US President Barack Obama as a “significant” announcement, the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, which is charged with speeding the development and take-up of clean coal technology, has attracted more than 200 of the world’s biggest economies and companies as members.

But to date their only financial commitment is to guarantee $10 [million?] in the event the institute goes broke.

TonyfromOz adds …..

$100 Million down a sinkhole on a dream that will never be achieved. $100 Million.

Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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