“Health Care” Votes + Charts

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Health Care Scam H.R.3590 Votes in the House (Also deceivingly called “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) Find which way your Representatives voted by clicking on your state on the map.

Reconciliation Act of 2010 H.R. 4872 Votes in the House (This is the 2nd part of the scam needed to railroad the “health” NO Care bill through with the House and Senate)

I never thought I’d live to see the day that our own Political Communist Hacks would so blatantly trample over the rights of every American Citizen and so completely violate our Constitution and Rule of Law in order to satisfy their own Evil Greed!  I am shocked as we all should be.

I do realize by looking at the polls that about 1/3 of all Americans do not realize that they have been shafted. But whether you realize or not you’ve been had!

The other surprising thing is that 60+% of our American Citizens do realize that their “inalienable” rights have been trampled on by the Demagogues in Congress and the White House.

We have been raped, violated, defiled, desecrated, abused! Chose the word you are most uncomfortable with, and remember who did it to you in your district. Then act upon your anger, your indignation and bring these perverted miscreants to justice! …
Circumventing Our Constitution

Circumventing Rule of Law (Click on the image to see original article)

Breakdown Of Medicare Expenditures

Breakdown of Medicare Expenditures

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