Bill Maher: Tea Party Protesters Just a Bunch of Stupid Cultists

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Bill Maher

Bill Maher

By Lachlan Markay

TonyfromOz prefaces …..

These people need to take stock of themselves. They roundly condemn the Conservative side of the fence for the way they go about things, and then proceed to do exactly the same the same things themselves. They have this superior ‘we are better than you’ attitude because they ‘think’ that they are right, yet they then proceed to get down in the same mud they perceive is where the people they rail against reside. It gives them the chance to say things that are offensive in mainstream conversation, and think they can get away with it by claiming it is political comment.

The left’s comedic mud-slingers have been working overtime lately. Bill Maher injected his latest bit of invective Friday when he labeled the Tea Party movement a “cult” and hurled epithets at major conservative figures.
Angry that Americans would dare object to his particular brand of ultra-liberal politics, Maher has recieved a bit of press lately for his unending stream of hatred for anyone who disagrees with him.  He consistently mocks Sarah Palin and her son Trig. And he certainly has a lot of disdain for the American people–you know, the ones who “love the troops the way Michael Vick loves dogs” and are “not bright enough to really understand the issues.”
So Maher’s latest bit of vitriol on HBO’s “Real Time” – reserved for Americans who have the gall to voice their political principles – was hardly a surprise (partial transcript follows below the video):

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The teabaggers, they’re not a movement. They’re a cult, and I’m going to prove it. You know someone has fallen into a cult if you see these signs: One. Cults have their own vocabulary. Now, I don’t speak sh**kicker, but I know that in their world, freedom means guns, diplomacy means weakness, elitist means reader, and socialist means black.

Two. Cults tend to populate from within.encouraging members to have huge broods of children and to give them strange names, like Moonbeam, and Trig.

And three, cult members always attribute all of their problems to one simple explanation: [picture of Obama with Hitler moustache].

Disparaging Palin and her disabled son? Check. Reducing political disagreement to I’m-right-they’re-wrong condescension? Check. Vague characterizations of all Tea Party protesters as racists? Big check.

Nice job, Bill. Stay classy.

Lachlan Markay is a Client Services Associate at Dialog New Media and contributes posts at the NewsBusters site.

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