Obama Cuts Funding For Successful Educational Programs

Posted on Wed 02/17/2010 by


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Obama remarking on his pet “Race To The Top” program at the Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia on January 19, 2010. He is requesting an additional $1.35 billion in 2011 for the program that was created as part of the defective economic stimulus bill signed into law last year

Recently, President Obama visited a group of sixth graders at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia to announce his intention to increase federal funding for the “Race To The Top” program, a program that is supposed to provide for educational reforms in four pre-defined areas of assurance.

With little if any Congressionally set standards, Race To The Top has been called by some the largest discretionary education program in history.

So President Obama is throwing billions of dollars at a federal education program with an unproven record of success.

And for educational programs with a proven track record, such as , funded by the Department of Education’s TRIO program, he is cutting funding.

Upward Bound is a successful pre-college access program that was established in 1967 and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

The program recruits and provides educational, social and cultural services to potential first-generation college students.   …   Read the rest of this entry