Climate Change Experts Are As Inaccurate As Local Meteorologist

Posted on Tue 02/09/2010 by


The weatherman is at it again.

Big snow on the way.

Last week, some of them were really accurate.

And some of them were dead wrong.

A large portion of the U.S. just experienced a snowstorm of massive proportions.

Is that why it’s now usually called climate change instead of global warming?

Where I live, three local television weatherpersons, both daily newspapers, and the local affiliate of the Weather Channel were predicting snow starting on Friday afternoon and that we would see five to seven inches of snow by Saturday afernoon.

Guess how much time I spent on snow removal that Saturday.

Less than five minutes sweeping a dusting of snow off of my front sidewalk.

That may sound like I got lucky that the storm missed me, until you consider all of the postponements and cancellations of sporting, social and scholastic events, evening college classes canceled, etc.

Consider for a moment how many people had to change or abandon their plans, not to mention the financial ramifications.

Everyone knows that the folks predicting the weather sometimes get it right, and sometimes they get it wrong.
The problems caused failed by the weather prediction for my immediate area is one thing, but what are the ramifications when it happens on a global scale?

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