Snow Again in PA With Images and Prediction! Update 11:00 am Sat 2-6-10

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Sat 02-06-10,  11 am EST: Snow will be ending sooner than forecast. So far 18 to 30 inches has fallen in Harrisburg PA area.  Al

Wed's Morning Snowfall

The Balance of Wed's Snow

On Wed Feb 3 2010, in South Central Pennsylvania, we had a light fluffy snow.

In the morning it was easy to blow away with a leaf blower, but with the day warming, it became mushy and heavy by the afternoon. We had 2 to 3 inches or so, depending on the area.

By this morning, Fri Feb 5, this was all that was left.


The Start of Something Big?

What we can look forward to!

Today, Friday February 5th 2010, we are threatened with a potentially huge snow storm over two days… Maybe.

Here’s the start of it. Steady but not a heavy snowfall. Some areas at the Maryland border may get 2 or 5 feet of snow and gradually less as you go North. But the heavy snowfall may move Northward, or ….  It’s anyone’s guess.

Ed says “My predictions have always been correct. We will get between 0 (zero) inches and 20 feet!”     🙂     Never been wrong!

First 3 images by Ed, the fourth one by

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