Former Domestic Terrorist Now Kumbaya Singer

Posted on Fri 02/05/2010 by


The man who help launch President Obama’s first foray into politics, William Ayers, is hoping to form a peace movement.

In an interview with Fox News, Ayers, who along with Bernadine Dohrn were co-founders of the Weather Underground, a 70’s era group of violent radicals, he had this to say:

“I think that what we need is a peace movement, and I’m trying to build one.”

When questioned as to how he planned on doing it, his reply was:

“Well, I mean, how do you build a movement? How do you build a civil rights movement or peace movement? Look at history. All kinds of ways, but what we need is to stop spending billions of dollars on war and we need to invest in being a nation among nations and giving up on the insanity of thinking we can conquer the world.”

So, William Ayers wants to form a peace movement.

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