Obama Defines, Defends Transparency

Posted on Fri 01/08/2010 by


By Scooter Van Neuter

WASHINGTON (SR) – President Barack Obama struck back at the mounting criticism that his administration’s secrecy violates his promise on at least eight separate occasions to televise all important legislative hearings.

“I promised the American people that my administration would be absolutely transparent, and it has been,” the President told reporters Thursday. “Transparent means to see through or be invisible, and our extensive coverage of every House and Senate hearing dealing with health care reform has been just that: totally invisible,” he said.

When asked by reporters when and where the coverage had been broadcast, the President said that “literally thousands of hours of coverage” had  been, and is still being, broadcast on “a special invisible network” operated by MSNBC.

A spokesperson for MSNBC confirmed the network had been broadcasting both the House and Senate hearings on healthcare reform, but that the unprecedented transparency rendered them invisible to all but space aliens.

My comments: I have to say, this restores my faith in Barry’s honesty. Let’s have a margarita and hope space aliens abduct us and fill us in on the high points of this healthcare thing…

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