Wednesday Morning Humor – 16 December

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Patriot Humor


Hot  Air Dryer

Maybe next year

This just in from Washington, DC: The Supreme Court has ruled there will be no Nativity scene this year in the nation’s capital. The ruling was not based on any religious principle, however. The problem stems from the inability of Nativity organizers to locate three wise men anywhere in the city. The search for a virgin likewise was difficult.

On the other hand, there has been no problem finding enough donkeys to fill the stables.

Ask Uncle Jay

Obama says having his Peace Prize won’t keep him from kicking butt. Congress says having no money won’t keep them from spending more. But Tiger says having no endorsements WILL keep him from playing more. Uncle Jay explains it all!  Watch Now…


Story of the week

Inuits need cash for freezers in warming Arctic

Inuit communities need funds to adapt to climate change in the Arctic, including measures to build communal deep freezers to store game because warming is reducing their hunting season, an Inuit leader said on Friday.  Read More…

And now for a cartoon

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