Copenhagen DOES Throw The Developing World Under The Bus

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Nine weeks ago, in early October I ran a series of three posts speculating on why I thought that the UNFCCC COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen would fail. Those posts are here, and here, and here, with an update here. Two weeks earlier than that, in September, I also posted this post, speculating that this Conference would throw the Third World under the proverbial bus, for the sake of the Environment.

News today from Copenhagen shows how that exact thing could be happening.

This story comes out of the Conference showing that a secret deal has been done by some of the First World Countries to effectively make two sets of rules, one for those major Countries, already developed and those Countries still in the process of developing. The secret document has the title of ‘The Danish Text’. What it effectively does is shore up different sets of emissions standards for some First World Countries, and to set different standards again for those Developing Countries.

One of the most startling things to come from that Danish Text’ is this one point from the many points shown at the link, taken directly from the Text of the document.

Not allow poor countries to emit more than 1.44 tonnes of carbon per person by 2050, while allowing rich countries to emit 2.67 tonnes.

This might not seem all that much, but when you refer it back to what I said in my earlier posts, it comes into stark relief.

Most of those Carbon Dioxide Emissions come from coal fired power plants.

Those Developing Countries do not have ready access to a constant and reliable supply of electrical power that we in those already Developed First World Countries have, and take now as a staple of life. In fact in most of those Countries, especially the two largest, most populous Countries on Earth, China and India, nearly a Billion people in each Country have no electrical power at a residential level whatsoever, and the same applies with nearly every one of those Third World Countries.

Those Countries are constructing coal fired power plants at an ever increasing rate, not out of a ‘thumbing their nose’ attitude as environmental vandals, but because those plants are the cheapest to construct, come on line delivering power the quickest, and the fuel, the coal itself, is still relatively cheap. It’s the only way they have of actually beginning to develop, and in the process, to bring that electrical power to their vast millions and who do not have it.

What this secret document does now, is to ensure that they will have to cut back on construction of those plants. This will effectively ensure that those Countries will stay undeveloped, and that their vast populaces will stay as the Third World poor.

The intent of the secret document is fairly blatant really. It’s an awful lot easier for those First World Countries to make slight cutbacks, no matter how tough they might seem, but to effectively condemn those people to never having access to electrical power is not only hard of heart, it’s almost downright criminal.

No wonder those developing Countries are upset, and those of us who think this is okay need to look long and hard in the mirror.

Before you think this is something that it just rumour, this also shows intent of the document.

Clearly the intention is to get [Barack] Obama and the leaders of other rich countries to muscle it through when they arrive next week.

Muscle it through!

Use the power of the most influential First World leaders to impose draconian measures on the vast bulk of the Third World.

This smacks of the “I’m all right Jack” attitude.

It looks suspiciously like they are making secret decisions that would be palatable in their home Countries, and thinking that because of that, those people in their home Countries, (who have electrical power) would assume that the rest of the World is like them, and those people would notice that ‘hard’ decisions were made, and anyway, and it’s a fact of life, there would be little care really for those people living in the most abject of conditions who don’t have what we accept as a part of everyday life.

Further in that same document is this:

It proposes a green fund to be run by a board but the big risk is that it will run by the World Bank.

This is one of the major points for the whole exercise. To impose huge monetary targets that those First World Countries will have to pay to the UN, which they will then distribute.

What needs to be taken into account with that statement is this story from September which details how that same World Bank is diverting Billions of dollars to developing Countries to build ….. coal fired power plants.

A case of give us all your money, and we’ll do whatever we want with it.

Read any mainstream media reports of the Conference, and you won’t see any mention at all of this. Go even to the UNFCCC site with everything that’s happening at the Conference, and there is no mention of this at all.

As I have said all along, Copenhagen has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment.

It’s just about the money.